25 The Best Dressed Men in the World 2023

This was definitely a bright year for men’s fashion. In retrospect, it was undoubtedly one of the most varied, vibrant, and expressive periods we’ve experienced recently Clothes regained their appeal. Here we discuss about 25 The Best Dressed Men in the World 2023. We have lists of the best-dressed men in the world. Menswear fashions needed to be more consistent and organized. People relaxed. Men gained assurance. It was slim-fit minimalism that lost out.

Timothée Chalamet, 23, and Pierce Brosnan, 66, had the potential to emerge as style icons this year. Not only were the 1950s, 1970s, and 1980s in style, but also the 1990s the best-dressed man in the world. The degree of tailoring relaxed, sustainability increased, and there was no shortage of brands collaborating.

The Most Stylish Well Dressed Men in the World:

This means that the average male now has more choices than ever before. There are more well-dressed men around them than ever before. There may never be a more exciting moment in the Most Stylish Men award than never been a more exciting moment in menswear than right now. And these 25 best-dressed men in the world showed us how it’s done in a year when all bets were off in new fashion.

Whether they were setting trends, defying convention, or sticking to a traditional look, their message was always the same: wear whatever you want as long as you do it with a smiley you want who is the best-dressed man in the world show as long as you do it with a smile on your face.


The year that Zac Efron’s hair was almost as enormous as the guy’s. Before his portrayal of serial killer Ted Bundy became widely discussed, Efron captured our attention by sporting an eye-catching white bleach at the beginning of the year and pulling it off. He looked stunning in this hairstyle. He created a new fashion sense above the men.

You can afford to take chances with your style when you’re this obnoxiously attractive, but we appreciate that Efron’s wardrobe isn’t overly forced. He was the best-dressed man in the world at that time. He favors wardrobe staples like slim-fitting two-pieces, shearling coats, and denim jackets. Menswear is undergoing a lot of experimentation, which is fantastic, but remember that many gentlemen still prefer the classic styles.



Henry Golding first caught our attention last year, but this year, he had the chance to solidify his reputation as one of the world’s most consistently well-groomed men—a reputation he demolished. This he counted in the list of the best-dressed men in the world. Aside from her inherent talents, Golding’s sense of style demonstrated an amazing appreciation for the significance of ensuring everything fits perfectly. Of course, her leading man appearance and bubbly charisma undoubtedly helped.

His multiple ventures into tailoring saw him masterfully execute all of the classics (velvet, black tie). Still, he also proved he was a master at more striking appearances, with color block looks in brilliant red and light grey looking especially good.

3. Troye Sivan:

The name Troye Sivan is currently reverberating across the entire place. It’s been a remarkable year for the Australian Boy born in South Africa, who was unexpectedly pushed into the limelight by his portrayal opposite Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe and his Golden Globe nomination for Boy Erased. He is the best-dressed man in the world.

He’s had an opportunity to showcase his style skills to us through the incessant photocalls, and we like what we see. He is the world’s most stylish man. His deft fusion of flowy statement shirts, rigid tailoring, lots of color, and a hint of gender-bending makeup.

4. Tyler The Creator:

Even though Tyler the Creator has a very unconventional style, he did tone things down in 2019. He’s gone crazy about knitwear; sleeveless sweaters and cardigans are major staples. Now, his business is spread all over the world. He creates fashionable dresses for men. Of course, there was his pastel-heavy partnership with Lacoste, wherein the cardigan in the pink mohair style he wore to the French Open was one of the highlights. Tyler, the creator, is the best well-dressed man in the world as a dress style.

He creates a new fashion sense for men. Overall, though, it was a great year for the native of California; he toured the globe in support of his 2019 album Igor, donning a blond wig and countless colorful costumes as his alter ego.

If you remove the wig, the suits are surprisingly effective. Whether worn simply or, more frequently, with white Dr. Martens on the feet, it’s merely another illustration of the huge resurgence of tailoring. In other places, Tyler persisted in his interpretation of preppy casual; he frequently dresses like a cross between Arnold Palmer’s skatewear and Carlton from Fresh Prince, and it looks good. The creator, Tyler, is cool because he has always defied stereotypes about what a rapper should look like.


Menswear and American athletics have sometimes gone hand in hand. Try searching for “NBA Draft 2003” on Google to see some of the worst tailoring you’ve ever seen. One of the most fashionable players in the league right now is Lebron James. He is decked up like an oversized marshmallow. Nonetheless, Odell Beckham Jr. was only 11 years old, and his generation experienced a different fashion scene. He is also the world’s best well-dressed man as a dress stylist.

American athletes were already thinking about fashion when the wide receiver for the NFL was selected in 2014. His windowpane suit fit him perfectly, and he accessorized it with a diamond watch, pocket square, and bow tie. Now that things have changed again, Beckham Jr. is one of the league’s more stylish players.

He also wore a Louis Vuitton x Supreme orthopedic boot for his damaged ankle, all part of his streetwear-focused, heavily branded ensemble. Along with James Harden, he has one of the greatest beards in North American sports and one of the more well-groomed males in the locker room.

6. Maher Shala Ali:

At the 2019 Oscars, Mahershala Ali accepted the trophy while sporting what can only be described as an elegant beanie. The fact that he managed to look classy rather than foolish while doing so will tell you a lot about this man’s sense of style. He was the best-dressed man in the world in 2019 and got a trophy.

His look has been about understated swagger in a year when he starred in True Detective and got cast as Blade in the MCU. Mahershala Ali was the most stylish man in 2019 as he created new fashion. He looks as good in red carpet couture as in double denim, but the latter had us gawking this year. With his unique accessories, intriguing colors, and micron-accurate cuts, he demonstrated that the suit is far from extinct.


Following a few setbacks in the 2000s, David Beckham fully matured into an experienced menswear maestro this decade, and 2019 was a tribute to Goldenballs’ steadiness with (as far as we know) not a single foot out of place.

We’ve had an unending array of matching haircuts and the occasional addition to our sizable tattoo collection, and Mr. Beckham has consistently arrived looking very presentable. It’s not hyperbole that Beckham was at the top of his game at Wimbledon this year, and all the other participants were nowhere near as good. However, he also shone as usual in more sophisticated casual looks like suede bombers and daring Dior tailoring. He still possesses it.


It’s unsurprising that Donald Glover, one of history’s most successful multi-hyphenated individuals, has a wardrobe that defies order, logic, or sense. Glover’s outrageously colorful suits, outrageous flourishes, and habit of being shirtless under tailoring are why he shouldn’t be on a list of the best-dressed men. Still, we can’t help but smile at his ridiculously stylish wardrobe.


As of 21, what have you done? Shawn Mendes is a singer-songwriter who has achieved three US number-one albums before the age of, all the while developing a faultless modern rock and roll sound that honors the past while remaining relevant for the present.

Finished off with a pair of Chelsea boots and rock star bling, tailoring embellished with luxurious touches is his specialty. His favorite brands are The Kooples and Saint Laurent from Paris, which both have the slim-fitting monochrome style that has made the squeaky-clean pop idol into one of menswear’s coolest figures.


In actuality, Pierce Brosnan has been continuously stylish since anyone can remember, so it would be misleading to suggest that at 66 years old, he was experiencing a renaissance. This year’s highlights include perfecting the art of traditional suiting, demonstrating that suede bombers suit everyone, even those past their prime, and creating a sense of effortless coolness for eyewear that can be worn practically anyplace.

And remember Brosnan’s immaculate silver hairstyle, which only accentuates her ageless charm. Overall, this year was (yet again) historic for the guy once known as Bond.


It’s a lovely existence that Dylan Sprouse has. In addition to being a Victoria’s Secret Angel and having the bone structure that makes people go under the knife, the former Disney child star also boasts one of the best wardrobes around.

Elaborate knits, substantial leather outerwear, and striking tailoring exude an upscale, expertly crafted aesthetic. Another important factor is the cut, which is wider and evocative of a bygone era. It’s tight enough to draw attention to his thin frame. Even though he is only a hot young in Hollywood, he dresses like a legend.


Timothée Chalamet has a true fan base. From teens in Korea to 60-year-old mothers in Ohio, something about the Hollywood A-lister stirs up a frenzy. Timothee is called the best-dressed man in the world. Some find it in the intense acting, while others find it in the cherubic locks. Both are excellent, but his boundary-pushing approach to red carpet costume is what has most captured our attention.

As the designer’s muse, Haider Ackermann has pushed the actor this year into a variety of space-age tailoring, and the actor was one of the first to don the notorious Louis Vuitton holster. Granted, both would appear like a complete disaster on 99.9% of men, but on Chalamet, they look incredible. More significantly, they briefly examine what guys might be dressing like in ten years. Jeweled holsters ready for action.


The most distinctive dresser on this list is Frank Ocean. Yet not in an obvious or excessive manner. He is not swayed by trends or brands because he knows his preferences. During Paris Fashion Week, this man deftly went to the shows wearing a yellow down jacket from the relatively unknown Swiss ski brand Mammut. This year, he was called the best-dressed man in the world and was awarded. He looked stunning on the red carpet. On the other hand, everyone else was clothed by the designers wearing their collections.

The majority of contemporary celebrities, many of whom are on this list, employ stylists to well dress them, which is, let’s face it, dishonest. We think so highly of Ocean because he wears outfits that a professional stylist would never suggest to a client. He follows his own path, which is something to be proud of. He created a separate fashion style.

He was a photographer for Vogue who attended the Met Gala wearing an all-black Prada outfit and posing as a bouncer. He was the most stylish man at that time. Everyone looks at him. His friends quarrel over the newest supercars, but he drives 1980s BMWs. While everyone else is sporting Balenciaga, he is sporting deadstock old Nikes.


It’s hardly bad that Eddie Redmayne, the ever-preppy man, hasn’t changed his style much in the past five years. Redmayne is head boy, and his preppy style is hard to beat. The Fantastic Beasts actor attributes all the credit to his wife and seldom makes a mistake in outfits, from neatly tailored suits to outerwear with a college vibe. There’s one method to cut costs on stylist hire. Eddies is the world’s best well-dressed man who gives all appreciation to his wifey.


The one and only Style icon, Bond villain, and Oscar winner. Being Rami Malek must be incredibly awful. Malek may have worn hoodies while starring in Mr. Robot, but he has a far more refined style off-screen. He is the world’s best-dressed man. He mixes a few showy pieces that wouldn’t look out of place in Mick Jagger’s stage wardrobe with inch-perfect fit. Consider statement shirts with patterns or the occasional velvet jacket.

He is the one who is the best man in the world in style now. He exudes confidence in his appearance by accessorizing everything with classic pieces like black tailored pants, yet he still has a certain swagger with the fact that he is Rami Malek.


Tyler Durden is far more stylish than Brad Pitt, which is a funny phenomenon. The actor is a style icon, but when he’s not donning a tux, Pitt has a laid-back, even intentionally disheveled look. It works because, one, he’s incredibly attractive, and, two, his several fashionable roles enhance his megawatt charisma. This made him stylish because he started an attractive new fashion; he had a killer on-screen and off-screen appearance this year. Quentin Tarantino donned outrageous 1960s and 1970s ensembles in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, including double denim, classic T-shirts, leather jackets, and Hawaiian shirts.

Additionally, he alternated between impeccably relaxed outfits on the red carpet, such as T-shirts layered over long-sleeve shirts, flat headwear, and sloppy pants. Few people possess such an ability. Can Brad Pitt?


This year marked the zenith of Nicholas Hoult’s menswear inventory, which is rising consistently. Not unexpected, considering his unparalleled skill at pulling off colorful fashion—from a subdued navy dinner suit to a blue and yellow ensemble reminiscent of the 1970s and everything in between.

He’s far from a one-trick pony; when he’s not dressed to the nines, you can frequently catch him going all out for texture with a slew of gorgeous suede jackets layered over dark jeans and printed shirts. This Boy has a certain quality. Due to his qualities, he is called the best well-dressed man in the world.


Mark Ronson made more appearances in 2019 than we’re usually used to, thanks to the release of his new album Late Night Feelings. This meant a lot of retro-inspired clothing, as is typical of Ronson; it was all vividly colored, beautifully textured, and always worn with the producer’s signature carefreeness.

We would even argue that Ronson was a live, breathing counter to those who predicted streetwear would bring tailoring to an end.


If looking well in formal and casual settings is the sign of a truly well-dressed man, Tom Holland always hits the mark. As a member of the ever-present Marvel Universe, he has been everywhere this year. Tom Holland looks amazing as he is called the best-dressed man in the world he creates both fashion senses. The webslinger looked flawless on the red carpet as well as the media tour. Every damn day, we would gladly don the carefree check pants he wore to a Spider-Man fan gathering in Seoul. Tom, any chance?

Though his soft-rock sounds and Jagger-like dance movements made Harry Styles famous in the first place, the former Directioner has also made a name for himself as one of the best-dressed men in the music business in recent years.


Outside of the boy band bubble, his style now shows his transformation from pop puppet to successful singer, with a plethora of colorful suits, textures of crushed velvet, and an abundance of IDGAF swag. A Gucci ad campaign is not something you can buy your way into. He is the most stylish man in the world.


There are always disagreements when the FashionBeans crew gets together to discuss the year’s who is the best man in the world in dressing. With menswear as delightfully diversified as it is right now, that cannot be avoided. Although we respect those who make trends and defy convention, dressed like Tyler the Creator or Harry Styles is only truly feasible if you are either of them. We always find ourselves returning to someone dressed, well, in clothes.

Jake Gyllenhaal has done a better job bridging the gap between high fashion and casual style this year than anyone else. He has experimented with fashion (tie-dye, baggy tailoring) and resorted to wardrobe staples (fisherman knitwear, Herrington jackets). Now and then, he’ll do something flashy, but more often than not, he’ll follow the laws of fashion that apply to everyone, not just celebrities with sharp stylists.

He always gets the perfect fit, the colors complement him, and most importantly, he wears the clothes, not the other way around. He is number 1 in style. He looks amazing. He is the best-dressed man in the world. That’s something to remember as menswear becomes more daring and boisterous.


There has always been a connection between hip-hop and new fashion. However, only a few rappers have embraced haute fashion as assiduously as A$AP Rocky over the years. He is a daring dresser who doesn’t mind wearing babushkas, color or pattern. He is well-known for wearing anything from Dior to Prada to Raf Simons. A$AP Rocky is confident in everything, not even overbearing Swedish courts. Additionally, this is evident in the way he dresses.

There is no outfit that he couldn’t pull off, and he frequently looks better in designer clothing than the models that wear it down the catwalk. He oozes confidence and has enough braggadocio to make an entire country proud. He can do anything, including tie-dye, fur, leather coats, and enormous pink Loewe suits.


Chadwick Boseman has impeccable suit sense. This is fortunate because he frequently appears on the red carpet to promote his films when he isn’t making blockbuster hits. His vivid color suits, unconventional shapes, and daring silk jacquard dinner jackets all contribute to his ability to make tailoring entertaining. He is the one on the men’s red carpet and looks amazing. Furthermore, ties are seldom ever seen. Boseman should be on our list just for being one of the important people pushing the limits of red-carpet tailoring.

He is also skilled at dressing casually, preferring to wear shoes, narrow dark jeans, and a lightweight jacket. We should all strive to be as casual as possible and look effortlessly put together, as he never overdresses.


Unquestionably, the king of the scumbros, Shia Labeouf, initially appears to be anti-fashion. Remain calm; he is skilled at what he does. The man has been in the front of every ‘uncool’ movement in the last few years, from wearing hiking gear in the city to grunge’s comeback.

What happened this year, though, was completely surprise. While not on the job, he persisted in being underdressed, but he resembled a contemporary Don Draper when he walked the red carpet. That doesn’t imply wearing tie bars and skinny suits; it means dressing in extremely contemporary fashion and projecting a laid-back vibe.


Without faltering or modifying the formula, our 2018 best-dressed man maintained his form the entire year (why would you?). He was the best-dressed man in the world in 2018. The winning combination of Michael B. Jordan is easy-to-copy streetwear styles and exquisite tonal tailoring. Understandably, upscale brand Coach signed him as the face.

Something, though, is more difficult to steal from the Creed actor: it appears that he keeps an unending supply of amazing coats in a bag reminiscent of Mary Poppins. 

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