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Looking at the future is an immense wonder, like how it is possible. Still, yes, you can view the world’s future at Musée du Futur Dubai, located at 67CP+H4Q – Sheikh Zayed Road – Trade Centre – Trade Centre 2 – Dubai, the prime location with the central city of Dubai. It is a model of great traditional combination with future technology. It represents the ethics of Arabs of Dubai with the futuristic technology and science to innovations and the world of advancements. Today, we learn about the hidden facts of Musée du Futur Dubai and find which fun activities to do here in Musée du Futur (Museum of Future Dubai).

Timing: 10Am – 7:30PM

Museum of the Future tickets price: AED 149

Facts about the Museum of Future Dubai 

  • Design and Architecture Of Museum of Future Dubai (musée du Futur Dubai)

The building’s design features a torus-shaped construction with an elegant geometric exterior made of shiny metal with Arabic writing on it that represents the traditions of Dubai. The layout represents the blending of modern architecture with conventional Arabic calligraphy design and not any supporting column inside it that features an idea that shows the advancement of Dubai with the retention of its traditions and modernity in the technology and science field.

  • Inside the MOTF Dubai (musée du Futur Dubai)

There are 6 floors in MOTF, and only 5 are allowed to be visited by tourists. Each floor represents a particular theme of technology, climate, Robotics, Space Travel, etc. The Museum uses the latest innovations, including artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and robots, to provide a wide range of interactive events and presentations. These immersive experiences offer tourists a look into the world’s potential futures and technological developments in a few years ahead.

  • The MOTF intent (musée du Futur Dubaï)

The MOTF’s primary specialties are innovation, technology, climate, space travel, and science. It intends to investigate biotechnology, robotics, renewable energy, smart cities, artificial intelligence, and other innovative sectors.

Fun Activities To Do at Museum of Future Dubai (musée du Futur Dubai)

The Museum of Future Dubai is the best place for technology lovers and innovators. It welcomes you in 2050 or more when you enter it modified with the upcoming years’ latest technologies that encounter the world. It has 5 open floors, each dedicated to a particular theme. Let’s visit each floor of the Museum of Future Dubai (musée du Futur Dubai) with many things to do here for anyone with knowledge and fun. Let’s learn to spend your day in MOTF (Museo del Futuro) with your colleagues or kids.

First Floor Of MOTF ( musée du Futur Dubai) Future Heroes 

The 1st floor of MOTF is themed on future Heroes, particularly for children. They can explore different things of the future according to their senses and enjoy many games here, and you should also get your children here to broaden their knowledge and advance their thoughts regarding the future. 

2nd Floor of MOTF ( musée du Futur Dubai) Tomorrow, Today

The 2nd floor is dedicated to modernist technologies and their worldwide use. The Museum is an excellent combination of advanced technologies, so you will find everything you expect to come in the future here. The Museum provides you with virtual reality (VR) trips that transfer various futuristic settings and let you explore new surroundings or technological developments that overcome the world in the coming years.

AR technology is the advanced technology used in the musée du futur that provides a great panorama of the future with more information or improves your comprehension of displays. You access other material, animations, or interactive components via AR-capable devices or mobile applications within it and play many games too that are very innovative. The Museum displays futuristic art installations that examine the relationship between art, technology, and the future. These installations elicit feelings, conversations, and thoughts about the future. You can enjoy it here and click snaps to remember your future trip.its one of the most beautiful place to visit.

3rd Floor of MOTF ( musée du Futur Dubai) Oasis:

Mental and body peace is the most important thing even in the future. There may also be more need for the spots to get real in the future, so MOTF dedicates the 3rd floor to spirituality, and Oasis means healing. Here, you can find peace of mind and soul, make a wish at the wishing pool, or enjoy the spas and sensory rooms. Here, great AR and VA technologies give you the most peaceful sensations. 

4th Floor of  MOTF ( musée du Futur Dubai) The Heal institute 

This floor represents the future look of Dubai. Here, you find out how you will enjoy Dubai in the future and which type of environment will be there. Here, you will find a 

Green garden: Show you the Green line of the city in the future 

Ecosystems stimulator: Get all Updates about the climate of Dubai 

Vault Of Life: A Museum of Preserved Life 

On this floor, you will learn a lot about life and the climate of the future of Dubai by using advanced technologies and robotics.

You may see live demonstrations of advanced robotics technology, exhibiting how robots may help with various tasks or carry out complicated processes without effort.

5th Floor of MOTF ( musée du Futur Dubai) OOS Hope:

This OOS Hope is themed on Future Space travel. Here, you find everything about space’s future and humans’ impact on it with the unique features of humans visiting different satellites and moons.

This is the complete detailed view of the Museum of Future Dubai (musée du Futur Dubai). You can visit all the floors in the Museum of the Future tickets and enjoy the future world within a day. 

You can also attend many seminars here 

  • Attend Seminars and Exhibitions:

The MOTF timely arranges many seminars, Exhibitions, conferences, and lectures by professionals working on various topics relating to the future, innovation, and technology. These conversations and opportunities for interaction with professionals may offer tourists valuable insight, especially for students who primarily attend these seminars to gather advanced and practical information about technologies.

So you can enjoy all these activities here in the Museum of the Future. 


How much is entry to the future Museum Dubai?

You can explore the future with the AED 149 in the Museum of Future Dubai. And gather a lot of memories with vital knowledge.

How long will it take for the future Museum Dubai?

Within 3 to 5 hours, you can thoroughly explore the Museum of Future Dubai as it has 5 floors to visit, so you can easily explore it within this time. Depending on you, it may take more or less, but it usually takes 3 to 5 hours. 

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