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Are you desperate to know who will win the thrilling cricket battle of India vs Pakistan?

You are not the only one to know that millions of cricket lovers are anxiously waiting to know the winners of the Asia Cup 2023 India vs Pakistan match including me. But in this article, I will tell you all about these two historic trials there and then we will decide who has more chances to win this high-temperature cricket game. 

The turn is there is a 90% chance of rain ruining the game but let’s hope the game will not get ruined by rain so cricket lovers enjoy the Pakistan vs India Asia Cup 2023 game.

India vs Pakistan Exciting 3rd group match

On Saturday 2nd of September the historic cricket rivals competed against each other in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This is the 3rd Asia Cup group match and both teams are very excited to win the game. The first day India vs Pakistan cricket match was very exciting and not only people of both countries but the whole world was involved in this game. A cricket match between India and Pakistan is a lot more than just a game. It is an intense fight of emotion, pride, and cricketing skill. Millions of people around the world watch these matches because they are more than just sports. The intensity on the field reflects the political and historical tensions that have existed between the two countries for a long time. This makes it a match where names are made and stars are born. 

In this tournament, both the teams are placed in group A and play in the 3rd match. 

If we compare their squads Pakistan has the world’s top pacers and fast bowling attack while India teen has legendary batters. So it’s hard to guess who will win the India vs Pakistan Asia Cup match.

India Vs Pakistan Asia Cup Past records:

In the 16th edition of the Asia Cup Pakistan vs India match set many new records. Both the cricket-loving nations head to head in 13 ODI matches Asia’s great tournament Pakistan won 5 matches and India led by winning 7 matches. The match was tied.

ASIA CUP ODI matches Total MatchesPakistan WonIndia won

This is the total record of the Asia Cup tournament. It’s the 17th match between the two teams that will shuffle the stats. 

What would happen if India vs Pakistan is washed out?

If the match between India and Pakistan in a tournament of Asia Cup is washed out that is 90% expected to be interrupted because of bad weather different things could happen based on the rules of the competition. There are different scenarios for it according to tournament rules.

Let’s look at a few expected results if the match is affected by rain.

Points Sharing Method:

 If the match starts in the beginning the match cannot get started teams may be awarded one point each if the match is abandoned without a ball being bowled. This is a common practice in group-stage matches to ensure fair competition in case of a match start-up.

Super Over: 

If the match is partially completed (some overs played by both teams), but not enough to constitute a full game, a Super Over may be used to determine the winner. Those who will make more in the restricted overs will be the winners.

india vs pakistan asia cup trophy
india vs pakistan asia cup

Net Run Rate: 

Here is another scenario, if rescheduling or a Super Over is not possible, the winner may be decided based on net run rate or other tie-breaker rules specified in the tournament regulations.

There are a few possibilities if the match is washed out due to rain. All cricket lovers are praying to watch the complete game without any disruption. So we will get a fair winner after enjoying the game.  

What do you think will win the match?

Official winner of India vs Pakistan will be announced on 2nd of September as millions of people watching Pakistan vs India match live to see the winner. Tell us in the comment section of tipkrips posts who will win the India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2023 match according to you.

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